Moisture Testing of Concrete Slabs, Who is Ultimately Responsible.

pexels-justus-menke-5214202~2Moisture testing concrete before flooring installation is s prime concern for contractors. Homeowners will find this a revealing read. Have fun!

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Jul 19, 2014

This article was inspired by the question, Should Moisture testing of concrete slabs be the job of installers or General Contractors? By, B.T Burton on the Flooring Installers Group

Ultimately in our shift the blame world for responsibility, it is thought well of, to find reasons why everyone down the chain of hire or up the chain of supply, is to take responsibility for problems in building product applications. Manufacturers and uninformed end users, who do not want to bear the burden of responsibility for the making and purchasing of market driven products, end up basking in this bantering and as long as someone else pays, be it the right party or not, have enjoyed believing this is a best outcome deal.

The real responsibility needs to be laid with the money. He/she/they or whatever organization sets in motion a build or project of any kind is…

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What To Do Next, Are Your Hardwood Floors in Dire Need of Attention — Brooks Vacuum and Flooring Products

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